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They’ve worked together forever, one of them said.

I’m the funny one, and he’s not, the other said.

Both immediately started laughing. Their jesting banter and easy, frequent laughter hint of a company culture moving beyond the standard startup “work hard, play hard” dynamic.

But Matt Booth, CEO of marketing technology company Connectivity, doesn’t seem to think it’s anything especially strategic. He and co-founder and COO Emad Fanous are aligned with their focus and goals for the five-year-old company. They’re in a rhythm, their skills complement each other, and they grant each other the same independence to get things done that they give to employees.

“We just do the standard things,” Booth agreed. “You basically treat employees as your partners so they enjoy coming to work. Give them autonomy to make decisions around a goal.”

The two are dedicated to their business and have been in the tech industry long enough to know which corners to cut, and where to step on the accelerator. [Read the full story here ]
Source: Street Fight