joint employer ruling

Congress has opted not to delay a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board expanding the “joint employer” standard. The International Franchise Association and other business groups say the new standard will hurt some small businesses including franchise owners.

President and CEO of the IFA Robert C. Cresanti expressed disappointment at the final decision. It was hoped a rider would be added to Congress’s Consolidated Omnibus Appropriations bill delaying implementation of the new NLRB standard.

“We appreciate the support of hundreds of lawmakers in both parties for protecting local businesses from the NLRB’s overreach and are hopeful when Congress returns … they will be awakened to the impact this decision is causing for families in communities across America and be motivated to act,” Cresanti said in a prepared release from the IFA.

In a letter (PDF) to members of Congress, Cresanti laid out the concerns the IFA and other business groups had over the 2015 “joint employer&rdquo

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Source: Small Business Trends