You may have noticed that many start-ups are opting for co-working spaces for their working environment. Entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits foregoing the traditional, full-time office space, trading it for a shared space with standard office resources mixed with the network of a plethora of professionals, contractors, travelers, and entrepreneurs. There are several benefits of co-working spaces, but these don’t come minus a few drawbacks. provides the pros and cons of shared spaces for you to gauge if this style of working works for you.


Networking opportunities. In co-working you may be surrounded by a variety of people toting a variety of resources. Working in an environment that allows for non-traditional encounters for your business could prove beneficial for your business.

Environment. Some co-working spaces pulse with an energy that promotes productivity, collaboration, community and fun. Working in the right vibe with the right type of people can

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business