Closing Sales: How to Use Video to Close the DealDo you need to be closing sales at a higher rate than you are after meeting with a prospect?

After a sales meeting, do you send out follow-up emails but you don’t hear back from your prospects?

Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to get your prospects on the phone with you?

Stop sending emails and learn how you can use video and your website to personalize the follow-up experience and start closing sales faster.


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Transcript: Closing More Sales Through Video and Your Website Instead of Through Email and Phone Calls


Today I want to share with you how you can be closing more sales using video as a follow-up tool over email or even phone calls.

You might have a business that’s like mine…

You spend a lot of time out on the sales road meeting with people one-on-one or maybe you’re conducting sales calls on Skype video or the phone?

If that’s you, are you ready to learn how you can be closing more sales using video and your website as

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