About five years ago the company I helped co-found ( had designs on delivering on-demand home services to consumers who were fed up with calling a plumber — while standing ankle-deep in water in the basement — only to find they had no idea when the service professional would arrive. Ultimately we turned from the home services space to reinventing roadside assistance, but the experience has left me with a soft spot for the idea of improving the experience of getting things done around the house.

Lots of companies have taken a whack at accomplishing this, of course — from Angie’s List to a raft of startups. ClipCall is one of the latest entrants to get in the game. Launched recently and available around San Francisco, L.A. and N.Y./N.J., the fledgling service relies on customers using the company’s app to record video of a job they need doing and then it gets sent along to nearby experts.

We asked CipCall’s CEO Daniel Shaked about the product and his plans to make it in a

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