checklist for negotiating a business deal final

Over the years I spent in the corporate world, I was fortunate enough to attend several different negotiation seminars and courses.

Each had its own nomenclature and structure. Some negotiating courses were better for negotiating huge multimillion dollar acquisitions and divestitures. Others were focused on supplier-customer negotiations.

I put that knowledge to work, and in my career have negotiated many hundreds if not thousands of contracts and deals. Some deals were quite large — involving many millions of dollars.

But I’ve been involved in the small business world for the past decade now. And I’ve noticed that negotiations encountered by small business owners and managers are a bit different from the ones in large corporations.

Small business negotiations:

  • Often go fast. They may be seamless extensions of the typical sales scenario. They may morph quickly from sales pitch to negotiating the deal terms in a single discussion.
  • Are informal. Negotiations today may be conducted

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Source: Small Business Trends