Media darling and ‘lawyer-preneur’ Nic Cober personifies extraordinary.

As the principal managing partner of Cober Johnson & Romney, she amplifies brands, delivers powerhouse strategy, and is the ultimate legal trailblazer. But make no mistake, this entrepreneurial influencer does not stay tied to her desk. She is also the witty on-air expert for D.C.’s Fox 5 Business Savvy Sundays, as well as a blazing community champion.

So what can we learn from the CEO Of Cober Johnson? Plenty.

The lessons began with her past ownership of the award-winning Soul Day Spa, a five-star Washington, D.C. salon and spa spotlighted for it’s upscale ambiance and luxury services.

It garnered prestigious media attention, was widely acclaimed and was expected to blossom into a lucrative business. However, the bloom of its success faded fast and Cober had to close her business.

But heroes always rise and Cober is no exception. In her latest book, CEO Of My Soul, she chronicles her failures as an entrepreneur

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business