Art of Cashing Out 2016 BE Summit Leslie Anderson, Clarence Wooten and Lauren Malian discuss exits strategies for entrepreneurs. (Image: Zara D. Green)

Most entrepreneurs are so focused on putting money into launching and growing their business that they rarely think about how they’ll get it back out at some point, in the form of an exit strategy.

However, the time to begin thinking about how you will cash out of your business, whether in the form of an acquisition, sale, liquidation or even a public offering of stock, is when you start your company, and at every stage of its growth and development.

“The Art of Cashing Out” was both the title and the subject of a panel held today at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami. The panel discussion, led by BE SVP and Executive Editor-at-Large Alfred A. Edmond Jr., featured SVP, Business Banking, U.S. Head of Treasury and Payment Solutions, Leslie J. Anderson; serial entrepreneur, investor, and Founder, Clarence Wooten; and startup adviser

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business