Merchant: Taylor’s Do it Center
Size: 11 stores
Locations: Virginia and North Carolina
Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics
Bottom Line: Local businesses are finding success by joining forces and making it easier for consumers to find independently-owned stores in their communities.

As a family-owned home improvement and maintenance business, Taylor’s Do it Center is never going to be able to compete with corporate heavyweights like Home Depot and Lowe’s. But the company is hoping to turn its locally owned status into an asset, rather than a liability, by partnering with other small businesses and educating consumers on the benefits of buying local.

“[The biggest challenge for us] is competing with the big boxes who have deeper pockets to devote to marketing and advertising. Staying top of mind with a much smaller budget is difficult,” says Tom Townsend, marketing manager at Taylor’s Do it Center.

During a “busy month,” Taylor’s Do it Center might run five or six ads

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Source: Street Fight