Merchant: Christine Waller Photography
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Platforms: Facebook, Google
Bottom Line: Small businesses rely heavily on Facebook and paid search to make sure their websites show up to locals who search for their services online.

Numbers don’t lie, which is why Conor Keenan keeps a close eye on key performance indicators like cost-per lead, cost-per acquisition, cost-per click, click-through rate, and cost-per thousand impressions to evaluate the effectiveness of the paid campaigns he runs on Google and Facebook.

“We calculate the cost-per lead and cost-per acquisition of each channel and then scale what works,” he says. “Our top channels are paid search — Google at the moment, planning to scale to Bing soon — and Facebook.”

As the digital marketing manager for Christine Waller Photography, a small photography business based in Chicago, Illinois, Keenan uses many sources of traffic to generate leads. His monthly search budget runs between $250 and $500, depending on

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Source: Street Fight