wearable technology security issues

These days, the most vulnerable spot in your company’s cyber security walks in and out of your front door multiple times a day.

That’s right – long gone are the days when your data lived safely behind firewalls. Sensitive information now lives within mobile clothing and accessories such as wristband fitness trackers, transaction-enabled devices and even bras.

Welcome to the brave new world of wearables, the focus of the Travelers Indemnity Company’s, or simply Travelers, latest entry in its Global Technology’s Risk Advisor series, “The Wearables Revolution Has Arrived” (PDF).

Breaking Down The Types of Wearables

In their report, Travelers broke down wearables into five categories:

  1. Smart glasses and headgear – e.g. Google glasses and Samsung’s Gear VR;
  2. Smart watches – e.g. Apple and Android watches and ;
  3. Fitness trackers – e.g. Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, and Microsoft Band;
  4. Wearable medical devices – e.g. Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitoring system and the ZIO Wireless Patch; and

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Source: Small Business Trends