Everybody needs and wants a positive review and the social validation that comes with all the great reviews.

But can too many positive reviews hurt your social validation? Does it look better if some people have some things to say about you that aren’t always so nice?

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Can-Too-Many-Positive-Reviews-Make-You-Look-FakeOkay, so another interesting study again. This is from my friend Mark Schaefer, and I hate to be talking about Mark so much but he had an interesting blog article this morning talking about social validation.


We’re always talking a lot in the marketing world about the importance of social validation.


How many shares do you get of an article on your on Twitter or Facebook?


What are people saying about you?


How are things trending?


So, it’s called social proof right.


You need a certain amount of social proof.


Well, I want to read something that he (Mark Schaefer) put that a reviewer said on his blog
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