blackberry priv

BlackBerry is hoping its new and oddly named Priv mobile device will win the company back some of the widespread business usership it has lost to competitors in the mobile market. Recently launched, the Priv is BlackBerry’s very first Android phone. It’s also the first Android phone in forever to feature an old school slide-out keyboard that defies the touch screen standard.

The Blackberry Priv matches everything the Apples, LGs and Samsungs of this world have to offer  — on paper at least. Going for $700 in the U.S., this phone is more expensive than most handsets, and is probably going to be a preference for serious business users. The phone is already available in AT&T retail stores in the U.S. and at

LG, Samsung and other Android titans focus on manufacturing handsets that are faster, thinner and better at taking photos. But the Priv’s long battery life, slide-out physical keyboard focus on Priv (short for privacy) makes it stand out from the crowd. That’s even

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Source: Small Business Trends