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Maria Sharapova (the Russian tennis star and one of the highest paid female athletes; earning more than twice the endorsement money of Serena Williams) told reporters she tested positive for the drug Meldonium in January.

Sharapova has been taking the banned drug for a decade due to health concerns. It didn’t take long for advertisers to abandon the tennis star. Time will tell how Sharapova will recover from this, on and off the courts.

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Sometimes a setback is nothing but a ‘setup for a comeback,’ especially if you have a support team and tools to turn trials into triumphs. Here are just a few examples of those who refused to cower.

VANESSA L. WILLIAMS: Actress and award-winning R&B singer/songwriter Vanessa Williams broke ground in the world of pageantry and was the first black woman crowned Miss America in 1983. But Williams’ historic win was short-lived after nude photos

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