Technology is slowly remaking the restaurant industry, reinventing long-established elements of the eating-out experience and making us reevaluate some of the customs associated with dining out.

Nowait’s app originally was created to help diners avoid waiting for their table — but the app also gathers information (from reservations to meal service and more) that restaurant managers can use to understand and serve their customers better while maximizing the potential for more business. With the addition of a new payment product coming soon (already in beta in the Pittsburgh area), the company is hoping to build out a full stack of tools to optimize restaurant management.

We recently caught up with Nowait CEO Ware Sykes, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week in San Francisco, to talk about about how technology is rethinking the conventions of dining out for both customers and restaurateurs.

What are some of the marketing and technology pain points specific to the

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