Obituaries of local folks were a staple of print newspapers. Dad in his easy chair was the principle reader. He would alert Mom to a singular summing up, which might prompt a moment of fond remembrance, or the opposite, during table talk at the family dinner. But obits aren’t that big in the digital era, even though people continue to die with the same regularity. That could change with LifePosts, founded by Steve Waldman, who knows local news both as an entrepreneurial publisher and deeply informed analyst on the subject for the Federal Communications Commission five years ago. In this Q & A, Waldman, whose wife, Amy Cunningham, is a funeral director, tells how LifePosts will “ensure that every person’s life story can be beautifully told, vividly celebrated and permanently preserved for future generations,” and do so profitably.

With Facebook and other social platforms, can’t people post memorials and celebrations of family members, dear friends and people in their community they

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