With the recent renewal of business growth in Detroit, the focus has been primarily on the downtown area, however, the business boom spans beyond downtown. There are business owners who see the beauty in other neighborhoods and capitalize on growing businesses and creating jobs.

Ron Bartell, a retired NFL player who now owns Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles, is one of those entrepreneurs. He is on a mission to invest back in his neighborhood by making a positive impact on the community where he grew up. “My vision was to bring commerce and people back to the area so they could experience how beautiful the neighborhood is,” he says. “I also wanted to show the importance of investing in your own neighborhoods. We can create jobs, investments; come together and have a great time.

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When he retired from the NFL in 2013, he started to develop investment properties in Detroit. “In the process of developing I was thinking in terms

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business