If you publish great content and no one reads it, does it add value?

Probably not.

Distribution is key to maximizing the impact of your content and increasing brand awareness. However, most companies fail to create effective distribution channels.

According to the Altimeter Group, “53% of marketers think distribution is a top need but only 26% currently invest in it.”

Whether you want to boost website traffic or grow your email list, expanding content reach is critical to engage your audience.

Building strategic alliances gives your business the opportunity to influence potential consumers. It also helps your team save time and valuable resources.

Here’s how to foster worthwhile relationships for content amplification.

Explore The Benefits

In content marketing, most organizations map out content creation from beginning to end. They spend countless hours writing blog posts and producing high-quality videos. Yet, these same teams remain stuck in a rut when it’s time to promote their

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Source: Sujan Patel