Red megaphones against blue sky.

For months, the marketplace has been talking about micro-moments, which Google defines as instances when people use their mobile devices search for places to go and things to buy. During micro-moments, consumers not only search — they also purchase, either in the moment or shortly thereafter at an offline location. I agree with Google that brands need to be present with compelling content during micro-moments — especially “near me” micro-moments — to turn those searches into revenue. But to be visible during micro-moments, brands need help. They need data amplifiers.

Data amplifiers consist of publishers such as Google and data aggregators such as Neustar Localeze, which together make sure an enterprise’s location data is unleashed to all the places where people conduct near me searches. Data amplifiers have become more important because near me searches have become more complicated. Consumers now discover brands across a vast ecosystem comprising search engines, apps and platforms

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Source: Street Fight