Hello world?

Well hello there. And how are you today? Could I get you something? Looks like you could use a haircut… How about we schedule that?


Welcome to the future — which is also a vision of the recent past. Today, location- and service-oriented bots are improving on what was attempted many years ago when in a crude manner (over AIM and other old-school messaging platforms) these automated response tools tried to help people get things they wanted just a little bit quicker. Admittedly, in the past that usually meant trivial fun rather than, say, quick pizza delivery.

The automated and human-assisted bots I had a small hand in working on at AOL over a decade ago, for example, delivered outcomes that at the time felt wondrous but in reality revealed our reach always exceeding our grasp. (The SmarterChild release by ActiveBuddy over Instant Messenger later on was more impressive — focused tightly on delivering fact-based data like news and sports.) I even recall a chat room bot

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Source: Street Fight