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Local digital ad revenue will grow from $48 billion in 2015 to $66 billion in 2016, Borrell Associates projects in its new benchmarking report covering 10,395 sites in all media. (Free executive summary here.) That’s an eye-popping increase of 37.5%. But newspapers will see only a 6% to 7% revenue increase, the report says.  I went to Jim Brown, Borrell’s VP of Sales and Marketing, to find out why newspapers, which used to rule the local space, are doing so anemically in the digital version of their old domain. Here’s my Q & A with Brown, who was joined in some answers by Corey Elliott, Borrell’s VP of Research:

You looked at 10,395 local online properties for your report — from the top 10 cities all the way down to rural markets. Are the bigger DMRs close to being saturated in revenue that’s pulled out of them?
It’s getting close, but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot of opportunity. In the bigger markets there is also a great deal of churn. Businesses will continue to bounce

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