hyper bookBusiness owners are given a lot (and I mean a lot!) of advice about how to prepare for the globally-connected, ultra-competitive market of the future. They are told to make use of an ever-increasing amount of stuff, from Big Data to their Twitter follower count.

If you, as a business owner, have ever wondered how to put all of this stuff into a usable framework, “Hyper: Changing the Way You Think About, Plan, and Execute Business Intelligence for Real Results, Real Fast!” may be your next read.

About the Author

Gregory P. Steffine (@GregSteffine) is a solutions delivery manager, business intelligence expert, and author who helped lead the data intelligence initiative for a company that would one day become Fed-Ex Ground.

What “Hyper” is About

“Hyper” is a potential answer for business owners who recognize the need for their business to be responsive, forward-thinking, and open-minded about the future. It tries to break down all of the jargon into a workable framework that marries

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Source: Small Business Trends