beyond advertising book reviewBeyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints is about the future of advertising. Like other advertising books, it suggests that advertising needs to become more integrated, data-centered and relevant. What others don’t do is detail where all of this activity is headed. That’s where Beyond Advertising comes in. It seeks to predict where advertising will be in the next decade and how business can take advantage of that future in the present.

What Beyond Advertising is About

Beyond Advertising offers a particularly optimistic view of the future of advertising.In their not-so-distant world, the Internet is everywhere. You would wake up, get scanned by a computer (kind of like the Jetsons cartoon, if you can recall) and your vital signs recorded. The computer notices that you have the symptoms of a hangover and posts an ad for the specific Tylenol brand that matches your preferences (gel or capsule) and medical records.

Welcome to advertising in 2020 and beyond …
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Source: Small Business Trends