Increase loyalty

As digital convenience at the cash register has become standard, loyalty platforms have gone digital as well — with a number of companies working to replace the punchcards many merchants have long issued to reward regulars. Belly, whose service revolves around an in-store iPad, has grown into a major player in this space over the past half-decade, taking in nearly $25 million in venture funding to build out its customizable rewards program that integrates social and email marketing. During that time the company has moved from an initial focus on small businesses to include national multi-location brands, and now connects over 12,000 businesses with over 7 million members across the country.

Logan LaHive, Belly’s co-founder and CEO, will be a featured speaker at Street Fight Summit West on June 7th in San Francisco. Street Fight caught up with LaHive recently to talk about Belly’s journey, how location and loyalty don’t necessarily go hand in hand, and why beacons may be a bit

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Source: Street Fight