smart standing desk is a healthy way to work

While digital technology has introduced many benefits into today’s personal and professional lives, at least one aspect has been detrimental. The sedentary lifestyle promoted by working every day in front of a computer can have a long term negative impact on your health.

This has led public and private organizations to encourage their employees to stand for some portion of their work day using a sit-stand desk.

According to an article published by the Washington Post, the health hazards of sitting for an extended period of time results in a chain of health problems that affects you from head to toe. Organ damage, muscle degeneration, leg disorders, bad back, slow brain function and even high mortality rates are some of the damaging effects of sitting for too long, whether you are at work or at home watching TV.

If that isn’t bad enough, even if you exercise almost every day, the health benefits you gain can be lost by sitting too much, according to research by the American Cancer

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Source: Small Business Trends