vitamins or painkillers

A few weeks ago I was pitched for investment by two companies. Both had ideas that would measure industrial companies’ release of environmental contaminants into the air and water. One company said their product was necessary because we need to save the environment for future generations. The other said it was needed because industrial companies get fined if they release too many contaminants into the environment.

I passed on the first company. Discussions with the second company have advanced to talking investment terms.

Why did I pick Company two over Company one? Contrary to the opinion of some of my students, friends, colleagues and readers, I’m not a heartless soul. I’d like the environment preserved for my kids’ generation just as much as the next guy. But I also know how most industrial companies work. They don’t buy “vitamins,” they buy “pain killers.”

Vitamins or Painkillers?

The “sell-pain-killers-no-vitamins” phrase is an investor colloquialism for what motivates people

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Source: Small Business Trends