Amazon fake review lawsuit

Less than a week after Amazon cracked down on fake reviews by filing a lawsuit, the sale of fake reviews at still seems to be occurring.  And people still appear to be buying the services. But it’s put a dent in the activity.

Amazon sued 1,114 reviewers in Washington state court on October 16, 2015.

Before filing the lawsuit, Amazon conducted an undercover sting operation by “purchasing ‘reviews’ for products and communicating directly with some of the defendants,” the complaint states.   The reviewers who were sued are ones that Amazon claims sold fake reviews for as little as $5.00 each on the services marketplace site called Fiverr (so named because every service is $5.00).

Review Services Thrive on Fiverr

Each of the reviewers who was sued was named by their Fiverr handle in Exhibit A attached to the lawsuit.

This lawsuit is not against the Fiverr site itself. No wrongdoing has been claimed against  The lawsuit is against the named sellers.

While Fiverr

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Source: Small Business Trends