Because of the unrelenting amount of content being created, and the constantly shrinking attention spans customers have, marketing automation tools are more popular than ever.  But even with that being the case, it’s estimated that as few as 7 percent of U.S.-based companies are using marketing automation software.

Andy MacMillan, CEO of marketing automation service Act-On Software, discusses why adoption rates are so low today, why he feels adoption rates are on the cusp of exploding, and the role MA is playing in sales and customer retention.

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andySmall Business Trends: So before we jump in the art conversation, maybe you can give us a little bit of your personal background.

Andy MacMillan: I was a coder early in my career, a Java developer. Worked my way into product management and ran a middle-ware product line at Oracle for several years. And then spent the last four years at Salesforce, where I was running the business, which is really about helping people get

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