Customer Analytics Company Amplitude

The one analytics tool used by more organizations than any other is offered for free by the largest search engine in the world: Google.

This has given the company a clear advantage, but if Google Analytics doesn’t offer the metrics you need, there are still other options.

One company that offers a different option is Amplitude, which has been growing with subsequent rounds of investor funding.

Customer Analytics Company Amplitude Aims to Stand Out

Amplitude received an unspecified amounts of investment in 2012 and 2013, followed by $2M in 2014, $9M in 2015 and, most recently $15M in June of 2016.

According to CEO Spenser Skates, the company is on a mission to democratize deep analytics to the point where everyone will be able to afford it and use it. He said, “Amplitude is revolutionizing product analytics through the behavioral layer — something previously only companies the size of Facebook could afford to do.”

The change Amplitude wants to deliver in the ecosystem is to make user

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Source: Small Business Trends