Woman in VR headset looking up and trying to touch objects in virtual reality

Like any nascent technology, virtual and augmented reality lack an “approachability” — a concrete applicability that can complement the operations of the everyday business. It’s all well and good for Facebook to get excited over the many ways it can take advantage of Oculus Rift, but for more financially constrained companies who have to think sensibly about where their limited funds get invested, VR’s appeal has yet to become fully formed.

Key word: “yet.” There are companies that are already sold on VR’s potential, and they’re evangelizing the technology to the brands, advertisers, and business owners that could soon be bringing it to the local level. At the LOCALCON conference in London last week, Amplified Robot CEO Steve Dann gave a keynote address on VR’s practical uses for the retail industry. VR is steadily “climbing up the slope of enlightenment,” Dann said, and it’s in our best interest to familiarize ourselves with it, as it will be “a part of everybody’s life in a couple

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Source: Street Fight