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That morning commute can be killer. So can sitting at a desk all day.

Muscle aches and a sore back are familiar companions to many an office worker or small business owner who spends most of their day sitting. But a new product that will soon be hitting the crowdfunding circuit is promising some relief from all those aches and pains.

Here are more details:

Called AriaWear, it’s acupressure clothing – a jacket that offers an acupressure like pressure point massage right from your chair.

Unlike a massage chair or other similar devices, AriaWear stays with you as you go about your day. At the moment the wearable acupressure clothing is in the form of a hoddie jacket that you zip on.

AriaWear works by inflating pads with foam points in the jacket to create an acupressure massage. You can control which pads are inflated and the pressure level through a mobile app.

Unfortunately it appears the inflatable pads do make noticeable bumps in the material along the back of the jacket. But you

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Source: Small Business Trends