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Forty-three percent of consumers have had a retailer’s app on their smartphone for more than a year, but despite that type of loyalty, this category of branded mobile apps still has a long way to go. Retailer apps have a reputation for being bulky and unnecessary, and for taking up space on consumers’ phones without delivering enough benefit.

Going forward, the key for retailers looking to gain traction with their branded mobile apps will be integration with more location-based components. Twenty-seven percent of consumers in a poll by GPShopper and comScore cited location-specific tools as the most important feature of a retailer’s mobile app. The way that retailers integrate location into their apps goes beyond what’s visible on the consumers’ end. Beacon technology, digital location indexing, and even background location detection can compliment features like store locator maps and smart checkouts.

“To implement a successful mobile strategy, retailers should look to solve

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