mobile apps and mobile websites

Investing in a mobile app or mobile websites for your small business? The decision here has always been tricky, especially since each has its own pros and cons. So here are 8 differences between mobile apps and mobile websites you should consider when developing any mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Mobile Website Casts the Net Wider

A website has a broader scope than apps, which can be used only if you download and install it first. In fact, 80 percent of all searches are made on a mobile device. However, browsing websites requires internet connection, so you can’t use them anytime.

Apps are generally more interactive (i.e. more addictive) than websites, which is why they can retain the visitor only for as long as they are finding the thing they are looking for. Furthermore, apps can offer more functionality than mobile websites such as push notifications and GPS location abilities.

So websites take less effort to use, but apps are more fun.

Apps are Meant

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Source: Small Business Trends