retail scheduling problems

As every retail store owner knows, summer is typically a scheduling nightmare. You may be using part-time, seasonal workers, such as high school or college students, who may be less than reliable. Even if you’re relying on your regular employees, scheduling around their vacations or desired days off — which tend to multiply in summer — can cause unnecessary headaches.

Here are seven common summer retail scheduling problems that retailers face and suggestions for solving them.

Fixes For Summer Retail Scheduling Issues

1) Being under-or over-staffed. Whether you have too many or too few retail salespeople on the floor, neither is ideal. Too many salespeople, and you’re spending money unnecessarily on payroll. Too few, and you’re (at best) hurting your reputation for service, and (at worst) losing sales if customers get so frustrated they walk out.

To solve this problem, use historical information about your store, such as the busiest times of the week or the day, to predict when

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Source: Small Business Trends