local businesses need better online presence

Local businesses need better online presence and must improve local marketing campaigns in order to succeed in their communities, a new survey says.

Sixty-two percent of consumers say that small businesses aren’t doing enough to maintain their digital profiles — with prices and availability having been cited as the two most common reasons individuals shy away from supporting local businesses.

Survey Says: Local Businesses Need Better Online Presence

According to researchers at consumer insights company Toluna, 70 percent of consumers claim to be worried about the challenges that small businesses face whilst competing against large, multinational retailers. Approximately the same number of respondents said they believed the U.S. Government should do more in order to level that playing field.

Yet, despite this show of support, many of Toluna’s 770 survey participants admitted their buying habits weren’t necessarily compatible with the offerings of their own locally-run businesses. [Read the full story here ]
Source: Small Business Trends