Automated advertising solutions that simplify media buying seem like they would be right up the small business owner’s alley, however it’s still much more common for national marketers to utilize programmatic advertising than independent merchants.

Programmatic digital display ad spending is expected to grow 49.5 percent this year to $15.43 billion, according to eMarketer. Most small business owners don’t realize they can take advantage of programmatic buying to reach consumers based on their location and devices, regardless of which publishers or websites they’re visiting.

“For SMBs, programmatic technology is a great equalizer. It gives local shops the tools to compete with the big players,” explains Ratko Vidakovic, vice president of programmatic at Centro. “If used intelligently by combining efficient and effective tactics like hyperlocal mobile targeting, retargeting, and contextual targeting, great results can be achieved with a very modest investment.”

Here are six

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