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Question: How should I handle a bad review of my company?

Be Proactive
“Mistakes happen. If it’s a public negative review, respond immediately and try to take the conversation offline. Most importantly, learn from the errors and look to improve processes. Try a proactive approach. Contact all clients/customers to learn their gripes before they go public. This gives your team enough time to fix what’s broken.”
Rich DeMatteo
Bad Rhino

Reach Out to Customers for Good Reviews
“After you’ve carefully read through the review, responded and learned from it, make sure that you seek out good reviews. Email specific customers who you know are happy with your business and ask them to write a positive review. The worst thing that you can do is let that one bad review stand alone. Make sure you surround it with lots of good reviews.”
Lisa Curtis
Kuli Kuli

Take It to Heart
“A bad review is your best source of information. For every one bad review there are

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business