The ultimate goal for any successful professional is to become an influencer in his or her respective field.

Influencers are individuals with a following and a voice in the industry—they lead and set direction for others. Establishing yourself as an influencer does miracles for your reputation and credibility, which directly translates to business success.

While there is no proven path to becoming an influencer, connecting with and engaging other influencers is an important part of building a name for yourself. Of course, social engagement with Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg may be a long shot, but there are many business leaders within your reach.

One tactic involves quoting industry influencers in your articles and publications. Business leaders love being quoted; every mention strengthens their influencer status. Many will be glad to share words of wisdom with your readers—all you have to do is ask. Once your article is published, influencers might share your

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business