ways to say thank you

Saying “thank you” is good manners. And it brings with it satisfaction that makes you happy. Since it’s the time of year when individuals tend to show gratitude to one another, it’s a great time for your business to do the same.

Below are ideas for ways to say thank you to your customers, clients, partners, suppliers and anyone else who has helped you along the way.

Creative Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Send out hand-written Thank You cards to your top clients and be sure to make each one specific and personal.
  2. Invite members of your community to a party at your local store or restaurant.
  3. Offer free samples of your products to holiday shoppers.
  4. Consultants, package your best advice together in a free eBook and give it away.
  5. Hold an online contest to give away a free product or service to one (or more) of your most loyal customers.
  6. Bakeries and coffee shops, host a free tasting event.
  7. Award a shopping spree or free gift card to one of your customers and ask them to pay it forward by doing

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Source: Small Business Trends