With the holiday season upon us, local merchants are pulling out all the stops to entice shoppers into their stores and away from their computers. Without the ability to compete with ecommerce giants on pricing, many independent brick-and-mortar retailers are focusing on customer service. In a LivePerson survey of 500 SMBs, improving customer service ranked as the number-one priority in 2015.

“Shopping, as we all know, can be hectic at times, and pretty much a guaranteed nightmare around holiday seasons. Businesses need to meet demand and keep customers happy,” says Adi Bittan, CEO of OwnerListens, a platform that enables businesses to respond to digital customer feedback. “Technology can help, but it can’t replace a strategy and a culture focused on the customer.”

Here are five ways local merchants can improve customer service this holiday season by implementing hyperlocal technology.

1. Open up new avenues for digital engagement. “The growth of digital engagement — such as

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