Loyal customers are incredibly valuable to local merchants, and not just for the reasons you might expect. Repeat customers spend an average of 33 percent more on each trip than first-time visitors, and the probability of converting one of these loyal customers on each visit is 60 percent to 70 percent, compared to just 5 percent to 20 percent for new visitors.

The ability to pinpoint and engage with repeat customers is something that small business owners have difficulty doing with traditional marketing tools. However, a new class of hyperlocal platforms is looking to fill that void. Using a combination of in-store beacons, geo-location tools, and customer segmentation technology, merchants are increasingly able to track visit frequency and send highly targeted promotions to maximize sales among their most valuable customers.

Here are five platforms offering these capabilities to the local merchant market.

1. Euclid Analytics: Pinpoint which in-store strategies lead to long-term

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Source: Street Fight