When brick-and-mortar businesses have a surplus of inventory, they have a few options. Hosting a sale with a temporary discount on the overstocked items isn’t effective without a promotional platform, but email blasts don’t work for businesses with very small subscriber lists and direct mail typically costs more upfront than most SMBs are able to spend. For local merchants, deal-posting sites that use hyperlocal technology to target nearby consumers in real-time are becoming a popular solution.

Although the weaknesses of daily deal sites have been well documented, these types of platforms are still effective in certain situations, like when a merchant is looking to quickly unload a surplus of inventory—whether that’s because the produce will spoil, the garment will go out of style, or there’s just not enough room in the backroom for storage.

Here are five examples of platforms that small businesses can use to unload overstocked items.

1. DealTapp: Quickly post deals that expire in

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Source: Street Fight