On-demand apps are exploding in usage and popularity, with 86.5 million Americans having used at least one on-demand service, according to a recent survey by TIME and the global strategic firm Burson-Marsteller. Now the industry has uncovered an untapped market — kids, or more specifically, their time-starved parents. A wave of new on-demand startups is helping parents tackle the most challenging aspects of raising young kids in the city.

Uber-style apps for children face an uphill battle, in part because trust isn’t something the on-demand economy is known for and people aren’t as willing to entrust their children with a stranger as they are their laundry or their take-out. But creative solutions abound, and startups are using everything from background checks to crowd sourced reviews to help parents feel more comfortable using their services.

Here are six examples of on-demand platforms aimed at parents and their children.

1. Zum: Individual rides, carpooling, and last-minute

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