In a true emergency, most people know to dial 911. But there’s a world of difference between an event that requires an immediate response from the police or fire department, and a personal emergency that’s less life-and-death. Entrepreneurs in the hyperlocal space are betting that they can make it easier for consumers to access the right types of help in urgent situations using the same mobile on-demand technology as ride sharing services and food delivery apps.

More than half (53%) of smartphones owners have used their devices in emergency situations. While dialing 911 is the correct response when major emergencies occur, it isn’t always appropriate for lesser events, like flat tires or minor medical injuries. For events that are urgent but not life threatening, a host of specialty on-demand apps are looking to fill the void. Here are five examples of on-demand apps that consumers can use in emergencies.

1. Call9: An on-call solution for emergency medicine
Call9 is an on-demand app

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Source: Street Fight