generate website leads

Small businesses need to generate leads through their website. Unfortunately, they tend to be the sector least equipped to do so. There are some basic things you can do to generate website leads, however. Here are our top tips to do just that.

Ways To Generate Website Leads

Mobile Friendly is a Must

Despite it being common knowledge that mobiles have now overtaken desktops, many small businesses still don’t have a mobile-friendly website. In the cut throat online business world, this is madness.

Making your website mobile friendly will increase your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website and deliver your users a great experience. It doesn’t have to be expensive converting your website either. This does depend on your current design and platform of course, but you should view it as an investment.

Solid SEO

Many small businesses follow the ethos that visual impact is king when it comes to their website content. Not always so. Search engines don’t pick up on all imagery

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Source: Small Business Trends