During the day-to-day running of a business, self-talk can manifest itself as assumptions about your company and your life.

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It can also manifest as reactions to certain events and situations. For example, you might think “that was a dumb mistake” or “this is going to be awesome.” 

“There’s no question that business owners lie to themselves, often knowingly, but some lies are innocuous,” says Timothy Carter, director of business development for the Seattle-based content marketing and social media agency AudienceBloom. Some lies are important to reframe your expectations, help you think more positively, and direct your line of thought to something more productive, he notes. But don’t let yourself get caught in a trap of unproductive self-deception.

Here are five lies that Carter explains are destructive and should be avoided.

My customers are going to love this. This lie stems from your own personal biases. You came up

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business