exceptional customer service

Customer satisfaction is an elusive concept for every business, be it a huge corporation or a small startup. Companies have spent millions compiling statistics, research, interviews, focus groups, etc. trying to determine the magic formula for a loyal customer and repeat visitor.

Every client is different and therefore will be pleased or disappointed by a myriad of personal exchanges and outcomes. Needs are different for every customer. A single person generally won’t have the same needs as a business. A small business will most likely have different needs than a large business. There is one thing in common for everyone though; they expect exceptional customer service from the business they are dealing with.

Exceptional Customer Service Tips

Every person wants to feel important, and like their needs and issues are being met with sincerity and competence.  Customer service in the past meant greeting a customer when they walked in and addressed any concerns or questions in person. We

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Source: Small Business Trends