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It seems like a horse race, the Presidential candidates with first one, then another in the lead.

Most election years, that would be true of all the candidates, but this year, Donald Trump took the lead early on and kept it when most of the other Republicans have been chasing him or have since faded away. And he’s continued this success despite the nature of the campaign and the polarizing figure he’s become recently.

Why might that be?

A sluggish economy during the last few years has led to keen scrutiny by small business owners. And many small business owners ay feel a highly successful business owner can understand their problems.

A National Small Business Association poll (PDF) says that 40 percent feel that conventional politicians don’t understand them and don’t follow through on the promises they do make.

But a study of 884 small business owners by the NSBA (PDF) indicates that most are following this year’s elections closely with 53 percent following very closely and

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Source: Small Business Trends