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Is your small business still manually onboarding employees? Are you concerned about maintaining compliance with new benefits laws, like ObamaCare, or how to effectively credit 401(k) contributions? As a solopreneur myself, I know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to sort through stacks of employee and contractor paperwork.

Put an end to the madness with an automated small business HR solution so you can spend your time running your business — not worrying about all the administrative paperwork. From Zenefits in Silicon Valley to Smart Pension LTD in London, here are the top startups that are shaking up small business HR and benefits compliance on both sides of the pond.

Small Business HR Companies


This hot startup recently expanded from simply offering automated payroll services to providing comprehensive HR benefits and compliance solutions that “just work” for small businesses. JustWorks manages compliance with all local, state and federal regulations

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