With 8 million weekly viewers and primetime positioning, Shark Tank is often referred to as the entrepreneur’s Super Bowl. It is a 6-9 minute spot worth millions of impressions and Web traffic, which can paint your company as one that can swim or one that will sink. Prepping for such exposure for your company (not to mention yourself) isn’t easy, especially as you are bombarded with insecurities, self-doubt, and sometimes a case of stage fright.

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Below are four age-old traditions that I broke to help me personally prepare to hold my own in the tank.

Dress to Impress…For the Second Time

Dressing up for special occasions is a widely accepted practice, whether it means putting on a new tie or a new blouse. However, I purposely committed the ultimate fashion faux pas on Shark Tank: I wore a dress I had previously worn on camera. Not only had I worn it on camera for this highly rated segment for

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